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Our Team

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Patrick Cummins
Patrick received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta in 1999 and his Law Degree from the University of Alberta in 2003. 
Patrick practices corporate commercial law, including purchase or sale of the assets or shares of a business, tax motivated structuring or restructuring a company, corporate finance, shareholder agreements, natural resource leasing, and service contracts.
In addition to practicing law, Patrick has worked in oil and gas, aggregate supply and road construction. His familiarity with the realities and rigours experienced by his clients drive a pragmatic, results oriented focus to his practice, working within real- world timelines.
Patrick is a director and member of the Parkland Rugby Club, and also enjoys motorcycles and snowmobiles.
Jennifer Beaudoin
Jennifer received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University in 2005, her law degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2011, and  recently completed her Masters of Laws degree at Western University. 
Jennifer has had a unique educational experience which included 2 years of law school from 2007-2009 in North Carolina, where she interned with the Center for Death Penalty Litigation. 
Jennifer is a former partner of a family law firm who is accomplished in multiple areas of law. Her legal practice now focuses primary on wills and estates, estates administration, contracts, real estate and corporate law matters.
Jennifer is a unique lawyer who has attended law school in both the U.S and Canada, has published a thesis in law and holds a masters degree. Jennifer has experience in a variety of legal fields and first became partner in a law firm in 2013. She is successful and determined in both her professional and personal life as a lawyer. 
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