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Our Expertise

Whether you've been through the process many times before, or it's your first, Patrick Cummins Barrister and Solicitor is the right choice. 
Business advice on Structuring and Incorporation 

When you have an idea for a business, please consult with us about the basics of a start up company.  We have experience with numerous business at different stages in their lifespans.  We have a good idea where money is well spent or best saved when creating the vehicle through which to operate the business.

Owning a business with your friends may be everything you hoped for, or it may be inspiration for you to get new friends.  To have the best chance of the former, we recommend a unanimous shareholder agreement or partnership agreement to lay the ground rules and limit mischief.

Unanimous Shareholders Agreements / Partnership Agreements


When your business succeeds you are doing business with other entities.  Whether you are providing services, leasing space, or leasing aggregates, oil & gas or timber, each of these arrangements are governed by a contract.  When your business is in a position to make the rules we draft the contract to your best advantage.  When your business is not in the position to make the rules, we can review the contract for you and let you know what the rules are, and possibly negotiate them for you.

Restructuring a Business 

Requiring a restructure of a business falls under the category of a good problem to have.  Often this results from retained earnings accumulating in a vulnerable operating company because to remove the earnings triggers tax, although other scenarios require these services.  We will work with your accountant or tax strategist and prepare legal agreements to take advantage of tax minimizing or deferring transactions which often provide a measure of creditor protection.

Purchasing and Selling a Business

The most exciting day of your professional life can be beginning the entrepreneurial journey by purchasing your business, surpassed perhaps only by the day you sell it.  We can help with either side of the transaction in the negotiation, drafting, financing and closing of the purchase and sale.  

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Corporate Finance

We have experience financing businesses with first tier and second tier lenders, and sometimes via the vendor of the business in a purchase and sale scenario.  We strive to secure the bank efficiently so that your loan is funded when your business needs it.


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